Who is Cal Godot?

Cal Godot was born after the close of the New York World’s Fair in 1964. His childhood years were spend in the area of 32° 33′ 33″ N, 84° 5′ 44″ W. From there he traveled to various places, eventually settling in the land of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. During the rise of the internet he could be found wandering the streets of the Emerald City, where he worked for the wizard and a few others. After the collapse of the fall of the boom of the bursting bubble, he withdrew into the desert for communion with Goetian entities. During this time he traveled extensively in the Immateria, eventually becoming one of the most sought-after tour guides to the underworld of the City of Lies, where he currently lives in relative seclusion. In addition to books reviews, movie reviews, and other works of debatable merit, he is also the author of Postmodern Angst (in more ways than the obvious).


cg_icon self-portrait (1996) vampire_02a