Life is Cancelled

People went to the parks, so the state closed the parks. People went to the beaches, so the state closed the beaches. Then it turned out they couldn’t close the beaches, so they closed the parking lots that surround the beaches. The lockdown could last through the summer, we are warned. Better get accustomed to staying trapped indoors at the whim of the state.

And best put away talk like that. Talk of the. Talk of rights, liberty, freedom. “People are dying. Don’t you care?” This is what people will ask you if you question or complain. “There’s a pandemic. People are dying. Of course the government has to take drastic action!”

All around us the hysteria has begun. Fifteen states have now followed California’s lead in ordering residents to stay at home, covering 158 million Americans. Half the country told to stay at home and wait until further notice. How does any good come from mass panic? But don’t ask.

There is a sense of déjà vu. This has happened before. After 9/11. When everyone was afraid. Substitute “terrorism” for “COVID-19.” Except if you see something, shut up.

Don’t talk like that. Your friends insist. Or they won’t be your friends any more.

It has begun. It is happening again.

In California, 39 deaths and 2,240 cases reported.