School’s Out (Forever?)

Over 5.7 million California children — more than nine out of 10 public school students — have been sent home from school. Coronavirus concerns of panicky parents, anxious administrators, and troubled teachers led numerous school districts to cease operations. It is going to be a very long summer for parents and their neighbors. No one is cheering.

Gen-X parents ironically recall the Alice Cooper song. No more pencils, no more books — those are disease vectors now. Teacher’s dirty looks will peer over the lip of a mask. If a teach smiles you will never know it. Fear or anger will occupy every glare.

How will these children be educated in the future? No one is certain. Google, Microsoft, and Apple stand ready to make millions. Everyone is suddenly enamored of online learning. Does it work? Who cares? First capitalism destroys, then it builds. (Then it destroys again, but that’s for the next generation to worry about.)

Not to be outdone by Democratic governors, President Trump declared a national emergency. Democrats immediately criticized the move, declaring it should have come much earlier, before there was an actual emergency.

In California, there have been 5 deaths and 320 cases reported.

Courtesy of YouTube, here’s Alice Cooper singing the song, “School’s Out,” from the excellent concert film, Alice Cooper: Trashes The World.