“The Femme Fatale” in Pyramid Magazine

Pyramid Magazine Noir issue

Pyramid Magazine has published a brief article I wrote on the femme fatale archetype, which is found most commonly in film noir and hardboiled crime fiction. The article also considers attributes and other elements of the femme fatale character that are applicable to role-playing games. While the article focuses on GURPS mechanics, the ideas could certainly be implemented in any gaming system.

This publication represents two small but personally significant achievements. For one thing, it’s the first time in many years that anything I’ve written has reached it final stage of production. For another, it’s the first time I’ve been published in Pyramid Magazine, which may not mean much to most people but to this 20-year veteran of GURPS, it’s something.

The issue also features an detailed description of a period nightclub (with descriptions of several NPC employees), a consideration of the bouncer as character (with its own brief description of a “bouncer-centric” bar), and an outstanding article that surveys the various types of secondary characters essential to providing color and atmosphere to any noir-themed game. As with many of the supplemental GURPS materials published by Steve Jackson Games (such as GURPS Horror), this themed issue of Pyramid also functions as a brief introduction or general guide to the subject for creators in any media.