Category: The Investigation

A series of stories concerning a search for missing persons.

Enter the Germans

It’s true that I live the kind of life where a simple trip to buy office supplies turns into a weeklong debacle that includes kidnapping, international espionage, a drunken brawl, some minor facial surgery, hostages, and a trip to Bermuda.… (continued)

The Legwork Begins

It was not wrong of Jenifer Ridley Gale to ask me to find Elias Croehe. Aside from the personal debt of history, prior to my retirement finding lost people and lost things was my forté. Most of my life I… (continued)

Retained by Debt of History

How did I become drawn into the case of the missing Elias Croehe? It’s not as if I seek these things. Not any more. I had left that sort of business behind me long ago and walked away from the… (continued)

The Investigation of the Missing

This is the last place anyone saw Elias Croehe. He was drinking a tropical milkshake and staring out at the ocean. After he disappeared, they looked for him everywhere. On the beach, around the neighborhood. His friends went back to… (continued)