Happy Inauguration Day

I’ll wager President Trump going to get about 2,920 days, i.e. two full terms in office (assuming he doesn’t die and chooses to run for re-election). He’s the perfect President for Our Times, a living example of the corpulence and… (continued)

Farewell, Mr. President

Farewell, President Obama. Thanks for the legacy of the Expanded Endless War, Domestic Spying, Indefinite Detention, Drone Bombing, Assassination, the Ongoing Deterioration of Individual Liberties, Extra-Judicial Killing of Americans, and lest we forget, the legal precedent of the federal government… (continued)

Citizen Kane

My friend MacGilleathain, art critic and budo master, had never seen Citizen Kane. So we bought two big cans of Scottish ale and staked out the front row of the underground repertory theater. The cinema was literally underground, converted from… (continued)

Lebowski’s Journey

Written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, The Big Lebowski is most notably a delightful sendup of film noir tropes, a particular twist on the “man who knew too much.” Drawn into a series of strange events due to… (continued)

The Last Place

This is the last place anyone saw Elias Croehe. He was drinking a tropical milkshake and staring out at the ocean. After he disappeared, they looked for him everywhere. On the beach, around the neighborhood. His friends went back to… (continued)

The First Place

All his life he had dreamed of living in this place. Now that he was here, and had been here for over a decade, he wondered if he finally had a place he could call “home.” He had grown up… (continued)

They Hunt Truffles, Don’t They?

“I’m going to get one of those truffle-hunting dogs.” “I thought they use pigs to hunt truffles.” “I’ve seen dogs do it.” “Yeah?” “Some dogs. Dogs with good noses.” “Dogs with pig noses?” “I don’t know about that.” “Some people… (continued)

Old Fashioneds

Back in the Eighties sometimes we would spend long hours drinking cocktails and talking about the things people talk about when they spend long hours drinking cocktails. There was an old editor who lived in the village and enjoyed taking… (continued)